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Xqwisit Curly Sporthorses


Our Big Sky Ranch
is offering several
sport horses/sport horse ponies
for sale. 
Vist our new site
to see our sales list  


Almost all those offered for sale
 were foaled at
Our Big Sky Ranch.
That means
foals are imprinted at birth and handled daily.
They are introduced to the herd to learn socialization skills and manners.
Weaning is done on an individual basis,
however I prefer late as possible
versus early weanings.


Training is done from the ground up
and is age appropriate.
If they can't do it from the ground
they won't be able to do it under saddle!
I believe it is better to have a sound,
well developed companion
that will be productive for years to come
an over worked and possibly injured young one.


All are spoiled, although respectful.
They are accustomed to a variety
of people handling them,
machinery and vehicles,
other animals,
and varied terrains.


Our  horses run with the herd by day,
stalled most nights
for inclement weather.

The following selectively bred horses
are looking for new, loving homes
where they will get
the work they love and deserve.