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Our Philosophy On Training

06-23-01 2 moms n a baby_0.jpg
All Foals are Imprinted at Birth


During our foals first year
they learn to relax,
gain confidence
trust in their handlers.
This is established through basic exercises in leading,
which includes basic commands,
loading, tieing, giving to pressure, accepting blanketing, bandaging,
a bit and various training aids
(sursingle, bell and splint boots, etc),
accepting obstacles
all the other scary experiences life presents
(i.e. the plastic shavings bag or fly spray "tickles".)


When ready,
generally around two years of age,
 we introduce minimal lunging,
long reining/ground driving
to assist the development of musculature
the balance required to carry a rider.
Again relaxation is paramount
in order to obtain a stretched top line
 contracted belly muscles so necessary for top performance.
At this point of training,
free jumping is an excellant form of gymnastics
the introduction of a a cart is also beneficial
to appropriate candidates.
Miniatures will also begin an introduction
to obstacle training.

09-08-01 dustin backing montana for the first time.jpg

I do not believe 
in backing horses
 for schooling
until they are both
physically and mentally
ready for under saddle work.
Occasional backing strictly for the purpose of introduction is fine.
Once displaying a balanced and evenness of gait,
a looseness or freedom in the joints,
are establishing good contact with the bit,
I believe they are ready to begin work under saddle.


Although our horses are 
"somewhat spoiled",
 they are respectful.
Visit our sales page...
your next trusted companion
"Qwisit" show mount
 may be here at
Our Big Sky Ranch